Get Started

This is a short guide to help you get going quickly with a typical standalone configuration. The user manual contains a more in-depth version of this guide that covers some additional features, like running in a web container, and using the web-based "control panel."


The baseline requirement is Java 8 or 9; either the Oracle JRE or OpenJDK will work. Optional components, such as particular processors, may have additional requirements; see the user manual.



The distribution archive bundles a sample configuration file, named Do not edit this file—instead, create a copy and edit that.

Open up your copy and set FilesystemResolver.BasicLookupStrategy.path_prefix to a folder path containing some images, and leave all the other options alone.


From the command prompt (macOS/Linux):

java -Dcantaloupe.config=/path/to/ -Xmx2g -jar Cantaloupe-x.x.x.war

From the command prompt (Windows):

java -Dcantaloupe.config=C:\path\to\ -Xmx2g -jar Cantaloupe-x.x.x.war

Cantaloupe is now running. Assuming you have an image named image.tif, try accessing:

Next Steps

The user manual is the central source of documentation, organized by feature. Also, the configuration file contains a lot of inline documentation. If you have questions, don't be afraid to ask for help.